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   Alice Iorio, M.Ed.
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"Leaders for Life"

Program Description: How important is coaching in the lives of women?

Poverty is not the problem; it is our thoughts that are the problem.  The strategy that must be implemented is to teach, empower, and encourage students to cultivate a champion mindset that rises above poverty and one’s circumstances.

“Leaders for Life” is a program devoted to empowering women in grades 10th-12th with leadership skills to think big, dream big, and become more through preparation, planning and persevering methods and techniques. It prepares women to set goals, and maintain a level of confidence, motivation, and support through our continual coaching and mentoring services. In addition, "Leaders for Life" provides  the same encouragement and resources to parents making it a team effort.

As women, this is an important time we can make a positive difference in our families, our community and in our society.  For it is our thoughts that determine our growth and ultimately our reality. Students will rise no higher than the thoughts they think. Therefore, we must never underestimate the power of a women's influence.  

Champion Parenting believes, "If you can think you can grow, you can become!"

Executive/Leadership Program: "Leaders for Life/Better Together"

Provides expert leadership training and mental discipline skills
  • A chance to win a $1,000 scholarship provided by The Education Foundation of Osceola  
  • One-on-one coaching/mentoring session with successful women in the community  
  • Program designed especially for adolescent women 
  •  Involves student participation through leadership accountability, teamwork, problem solving, responsibility, creativity, communication and self direction 
  • Encourages, empowers, and engages students to think big, and to actively engage in leadership opportunities both  in school & in the community
  • Former students have gone on to prestigious colleges & universities

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