Champion Parenting Power
   Alice Iorio, M.Ed.

What is confident parenting? And why is it important? Every day we compete, whether it is in sports, on the job, shopping for the best prices, or even for the best schools. Parenting is no different! It requires learning new strategies and skills that can help children become successful in school and in life.

Have you ever played sports or recently attended a sporting event? You may have noticed that the entire sporting experience requires a team effort of organization, communication, skill, and hard work both on and off the field. Parenting is very much like team sports. It also requires skill, hard work, goal setting, organization, and a team effort from all family members to be successful.

With budget cuts affecting our schools, parents will need to sharpen existing skills as well as learn new parenting strategies if children are to compete successfully in a global world. So how will you learn these champion skills?

As a parent and an award-winning educator, I have assembled for you the most important skills and strategies I have found that children need to succeed, starting in preschool and continuing through college.

I will empower you with the latest research, equip you with a step by step approach for sharpening and validating existing skills, and finally, encourage you with inspirational stories and take-a-ways that will make parenting a positive and rewarding experience.