Champion Parenting Power
   Alice Iorio, M.Ed.

Champion Parenting:
Giving Your Child a Competitive Edge

Ali Iorio, M.Ed.

President, Champion Parenting, Inc. (501(c)) nonprofit

Veteran Educator, Consultant, Director of "Leaders for Life", Parenting Author                              

Champion Parenting 
Successful parenting is learned, it is practiced, and it is shared. Students
 deserve an opportunity to succeed in school and in life and parents have a huge responsibility.

Through our  "Leaders for Life" events we empower HS students with expert leadership training, advice, encouragement, and support annually for a one day event.

In addition, we provide a $1,000 scholarship to one lucky attendee to further her education at a college or school of her choice.

Our Solution:  

  • Focus on building leadership and teamwork skills for greater confidence.


  • Present the latest research on the most challenging topics facing students today.


  • Empower students to be on a mission with a definite sense of direction & purpose.


  • Encourage students to dream big and become more by  persevering.