Champion Parenting Power
   Alice Iorio, M.Ed.

Champion Parenting:
Giving Your Child a Competitive Edge

Ali (Alice) Iorio, M.Ed.

President, Champion Parenting, Inc. (NP)

Veteran Educator, Consultant, Author                              

Champion ParentingWhy Champion Parenting? 
Successful parenting is learned, it is practiced, and it is shared. Students
 deserve an opportunity to succeed in school and in life and parents have a huge responsibility. Through our efforts to empower both student and parent with expert leadership training, advice, encouragement, and support, we can work together to make sure this happens! 

Our Solutions:  Providing leadership training & coaching for students and parents by: 

  • Setting realistic goals through an action plan of thinking big, and doing more.
  • Focusing on building leadership and teamwork skills for greater confidence.

  • Presenting the latest research on the most challenging topics facing students and parents today.

  • Encouraging "both" parent and student to actively participate in the educational process.

  • Defining specific roles and responsibilities that need to be established by all family members.

  • Providing specific "take-a ways" that encourage, inspire and empower.

  • Providing specific ways to persevere and lead by example.

  • Establishing a strong confident foundation that continues through college.