Champion Parenting Power
   Alice Iorio, M.Ed.

Champion Parenting:
Giving Your Child a Competitive Edge

Ali (Alice) Iorio, M.Ed. -Veteran Educator, Consultant, Author                              

Champion ParentingWhy Champion Parenting? 
Successful parenting is learned, it is practiced, and it is shared. C
hildren deserve an opportunity to succeed in school and in life and parents have a huge responsibility. By empowering you with expert parenting advice, encouragement, and support, we can work together to make sure this happens!

Our Solutions:  One-on-one coaching for all parents, fathers, mothers, grandparents, young adults, parents of teenagers, and adoptive parents; dedicated to deepen your convictions, and strengthen families by: 

  • Appealing to all parents regardless of experience or educational background.

  • Focusing on building teamwork skills for greater parenting confidence.

  • Presenting the latest research on the most challenging topics facing parents today.

  • Encouraging "both" parents to actively participate in the parenting process.

  • Defining specific roles and responsibilities that need to be established by all family members.

  • Providing reinforcing stories and "take-a ways" that encourage, inspire and empower all parents.

  • Providing specific ways to persevere and lead by example.

  • Establishing a strong confident foundation starting from pre-school and continuing through college.